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Software projects

We only develop freeware. Our software titles titles are and always will be available free of charge. You do not pay any licensing fees, and you can download, use and share our software titles with your friends, family, school or business for absolutely nothing. They can be operated with a regular keyboard,keypad, switches, or anything that can send keyboard data. We also try to make them operable with mouse whenever possible.

Finished projects

Title Project Description Status
Virtual Pet 1.1 An "ABA-compatible" virtual pet software that teaches responsibility and simple prompting. Since the virtual pet shows different emotions, it also teaches empathy. Go to download page
Fun Learning V1.1 ABA/DTT emulation software with customizable content. Supports image, sound and video files.
Visual module editor included.
Can be used for anything depending on how it is customized.
Sequence chain documentations are also included.
Go to download page
MonoKey Config 1.0 MonoKey configuration software Go to download page

Projects we are planning to work on

Title Project Description Status
Virtual Pets 2.0 Virtual pet with selectable pets. May include a pet editor. Pending
Virtual Mouse 1.0 Allows MonoKey to access mouse-based computer applications. Pending
Linux software titles Linux version of the finished software titles Pending
Card Creator 1.0 Flash card creator for MonoKey. Can import and resize images, then put them on a page with outline for cutting. Pending