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We provide FREE software titles

Educational software can be very costly. Even subscription-based software that charges a seemingly low monthly fee can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars after a year or so.

We at Acella passionately believe that all children should have access to educational software titles. Therefore, we distribute all our software free of charge. You can download, copy, and redistribute all the software titles that you find on our website. They are not copyrighted, there is NO registration or activation, no password to enter, and they cost you absolutely nothing!

Additionally, we always try to make sure that our software titles can run on older machines. Therefore, those who can't afford new, high-end computers can still run them.
We also make sure that our software can run with regular input devices, even though for some children it may not be very convenient (that's exactly why we developed MonoKey).

Visit our software project page to browse our growing software repository and download some of our software titles. We develop more software titles as we receive enough funding. So, please check us out every now and then.

Help is on the way

Occupational therapists have been using applied behavior analysis (ABA) as well as other methods somewhat successfully to rehabilitate children with developmental differences. Nevertheless, many hours of extensive therapy sessions are required every single day. Until now, all the therapy sessions have to be done manually by qualified persons or therapists. Unfortunately, because of the dramatic increase in autism, there is a shortage of qualified therapists and because of this shortage, many parents have to devote most of their time to care for their children all by themselves, at their own expenses.

We have been using computer systems and software for computer aided education. However, the existing computer input devices are not suitable for rehabilitating children with certain developmental differences or educating young children since many of them do not have sufficient dexterity, mental capacity, or fine motor skill to operate these devices. MonoKey is a wireless input device designed to address this problem, making computer aided therapy possible.

Manual Occupational Therapy

Traditional, manual ABA/DTT therapy should be done extensively. Many experts suggested that it should ideally be done eight hours a day everyday. Unfortunately, a good therapist is not easy to find, since it also requires a lot of experience, patience, and dedication. Something not everybody has.

Computer Aided Therapy

Although Computer aided therapy may not be able to replace traditional therapy, with the right software, it can at least complement your child's regular therapy session by easily squeeze in a some extra time of Computerized therapy at home, outside the regular therapy sessions.
Since traditional ABA/DTT therapy sessions requires skill and patience, it should be done by a trained therapist or a qualified individual. A prompter is sometimes required, even though the position is less demanding and may be filled by parents.   Computerized ABA/DTT therapy sessions may also require a prompter, a position that may be filled by parents. However, a special input device is required since a majority of younger children don't have enough motor skills to operate regular computer input devices.

MonoKey system: A computer-aided DTT in a box

MonoKey system consists of a set of MonoKey wireless input device and a computer running FunLearning, our DTT emulation software.

MonoKey is a wireless input device that can bridge the gap between the children and the software and makes computer aided therapy possible. It is easy and safe to use and exceptionally tough. It requires minimal motor skills, and it is easy enough to operate to be used by younger babies. They can use it as soon as they can bang something, which usually happens rather early.

Last but not least, unlike any other input device, it can be used to fully emulate one on one, as it leaves the computer monitor free to be used to display multimedia files while providing means for the prompter to shuffle or even replace the MonoKey or the cards.

FunLearning is a DTT emulation software that can emulate traditional ABA/DTT and can be configured with an easy visual programming interface. It complements traditional therapy sessions, and makes computer-aided therapy at home easy to do.

Younger children can also benefit from the same device. Very little fine motor skills is required to operate MonoKey, since banging works too (it won't break easily). Therefore, even babies can play with educational software titles and benefit from them.
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